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7 Reasons To Visit Your Eye Doctor

Women visiting optometrist to undergo eye exam

Many patients choose to postpone their eye exams, especially if they don’t see any significant changes to their vision. But little do they know; routine vision care is so much more than getting your prescription updated and choosing a new pair of fashionable specs. A visit to your optometrist can be life-changing, not just for […]

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Why You Keep Waking Up With Dry Eye

Women waking up in the morning with dry eyes frustrated

Dry eyes are a prevalent, uncomfortable and irritating condition. Patients commonly experience dryness when their eyes are not producing tears adequately, or when tears evaporate too quickly. Symptoms of dry eye can include: Stinging Gritty feeling Scratchy and uncomfortable Burning Feeling like there’s something in your eye Patients with dry eyes may experience flare-ups at […]

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5 Sports That You Should Wear Safety Eyewear For

Leading an active life and playing sports can require extra preparedness and scrutiny when it comes to deciding what to use as safety equipment. Oftentimes, we forget about protecting one of our most delicate features during organized sports: our eyes. Eye injuries most often occur playing baseball, basketball, hockey, and racquet sports. Very few sports […]

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What is an OCT Eye Scan?

A younger woman receiving an OCT eye scan during her comprehensive eye exam

Your optometrist uses several different technologies during a comprehensive eye exam, including optical coherence tomography. It’s an effective tool for diagnosing eye diseases, but what is this technology, how does it work, and what can it detect? Learn more about optical coherence tomography below.  What is OCT?  Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a technology used […]

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